Do Video Games Make You Smarter?

video games make you smarter

Given the opportunity, most of us would choose to be smarter. Who wouldn’t want to be able to learn and understand things faster, process information more efficiently, and recall facts fluently? And who wouldn’t want to be able to express ourselves better in any given situation? We also like the idea of seeing the world from a new perspective and having deeper insights into people and situations.

If you read any article about intelligence or its tests, you will get the same message: IQ is not fixed; it can be improved with practice and training playing on This is why so many people believe playing video games is good for your brain; after all, they are designed as brain-training programs to make you think faster and solve problems quicker. But is this true? Do video games make you smarter?

Here we uncover the truth behind this widely accepted statement.

What Does “Making You Smarter” Actually Mean?

First of all, it is important to understand what makes you smarter. You might have noticed that we have not used the word “intelligence” in this article. That is because, in the context of this discussion, intelligence is not the right word. When people say playing video games makes you smarter, they refer to your brain functions.

Brain functions are the abilities that make up your thinking process: things like attention, memory, and problem-solving. These skills allow you to do everything from remembering what you had for breakfast to driving to work every day. When people say playing video games makes you smarter, they refer to a boost in these brain functions.

Do Video Games Improve Your Brain Functions?

Yes, video games can improve your brain functions. But how exactly can a simple game do that? Well, the fact is that video games are not simple anymore. Today’s video games are incredibly complex. They challenge you by taxing your brain and making you think harder to advance through the levels.

The types of games that have been proven to improve your brain functions are those that are designed with that purpose in mind, like brain training games. Brain training games focus on one specific area of your brain. They usually contain puzzles or word games that challenge your ability to think clearly and concentrate fully.

Some games have other functions, such as reading out loud or math problems. What these games do is put your brain under pressure, which in turn helps you improve your abilities.

Do Video Games Make You Smarter by Increasing IQ?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient, a score given to you by a psychologist that measures your ability to think and process information. IQ is often referred to as a person’s “general intelligence” that measures cognitive ability. In other words, IQ is a score from a standardized test that is meant to be a general indicator of your overall intelligence.

IQ is a great way to compare people with each other or to see how someone’s intelligence has developed over time. But does playing video games increase your IQ? The answer is no. It is important to understand that IQ is fixed and cannot be increased. Someone who scores 100 on the IQ test will always score 100, no matter what they do. IQ is a score that remains constant throughout an individual’s lifespan.

Do Video Games Make You Smarter by Improving Memory and Concentration?

Yes, playing video games can also make you smarter by improving your memory and concentration. Video games are designed to challenge your brain and make you think harder; they are engineered to make you concentrate and focus more fully on the task. This can lead to an increase in your ability to concentrate and remember important details and information.

Some games also have audio features that can read out loud pieces of information, which can help with remembering information. That being said, there are no guarantees that playing a video game will improve your ability to remember and concentrate. It all depends on the game you are playing and how you approach the gameplay.


There is no doubt that modern video games can make you smarter by improving your brain functions. However, this does not mean that playing video games will make you smarter by increasing your IQ or improving your memory. Yes, playing challenging video games can improve your ability to focus and remember important things. But this only applies to your ability to think and process information.

Playing video games is a great way to make you smarter. But don’t expect a sudden increase in your IQ score or a huge improvement in your general intelligence. Your IQ remains constant throughout your lifespan, so don’t expect video games to increase your IQ. Video games challenge your ability to think and process information, making you smarter by improving your brain functions.

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