Everything You Need to Know about CBD and Your Wellness


CBD is now a buzzword – you can hear it everywhere, and you will even hear more about it in the future because many people believe it to be the Holy Grail. It is important to mention here that CBD is not the Holy Grail, but it can be helpful in certain situations. 

Nonetheless, if you wonder what CBD does to your body, you should know that it supports positive brain function and balance. In other words, by acting on our endocannabinoid system, CBD creates homeostasis throughout the body. 

For instance, if you have dysregulated hormones, you will want to regulate them. If your body temperature is off, you want to normalize it. You get the point – if you have anything else that is dysregulated in your body, you will want to create normalcy. 

This is the kind of homeostasis we are talking about, and this is also what CBD really helps to do throughout the body. Rest assured, CBD offers positive brain function and support. 

Many people use CBD for different reasons, but specifically for anxiety and depression. And when people have anxiety and depression, they actually have a lot of brain imbalances. When they take CBD, the herb extract helps create homeostasis and hence helps create that balance.

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General Health Benefits of CBD

CBD oil or CBD tincture can be derived from the hemp plant. CBD doesn’t have THC in it, which is the ingredient causing the feeling of high due to its psychoactive nature. While CBD isn’t used to get high, it is used to control pain.

In children, CBD can help control epileptic seizures. This herb extract is also well-known for reducing anxiety. But the vast majority that we know about CBD comes from personal experiences and unproven animal studies. 

CBD tends to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. CBD can be consumed as an oil, applied to the skin, or inhaled as a vapor. CBD is also beneficial for treating PTSD symptoms, which is why there is a greater emphasis on including medicinal cannabis with therapy for treating PTSD patients.

Potential Oral Health Benefits of CBD

Let us talk about the potential oral health benefits of CBD since not many people are familiar with the potential oral health benefits of CBD. 

Read on to learn more about how CBD oil or tincture might improve mouth health, such as gum disease. 

Gum Disease

According to research that was primarily conducted on mice with induced gum disease, these mice were given CBD. The study includes two groups of rats – one group did not receive the CBD, whereas the experimental group of mice did receive the CBD. 

The research concluded that the group of mice receiving CBD had way less bone destruction and healed much faster. The gums of the mice that were given CBD were much healthier than the gums of the controlled group of mice that did not receive the CBD. 

CBD Doesn’t Kill Good Bacteria 

CBD doesn’t kill bacteria. Some very potent kinds of toothpaste are out there with strong antibacterial agents. Those anti-bacterial elements can kill almost all of the bacteria in the mouth, including the good ones. 

On the other hand, there is now CBD-infused toothpaste that does not affect the good bacteria in the mouth but enables the good bacteria to increase and continue to grow, hence minimizing the potential harm of the bad bacteria. 

CBD Curbs Anxiety 

If you have been reading or hearing about CBD for some time now, you might already know that it reduces anxiety. That said, CBD might be very helpful for patients to take something with CBD, such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, or CBD tincture, before their dental appointment. 

By taking CBD before their dental appointment, they will feel a decrease in their anxiety. It is important to mention here that for oral health, it is not recommended to smoke CBD or marijuana is the smoke tends to dry out the gum tissues and can also reduce the blood supply to the gum tissues. 

So, knowing the difference between smoking marijuana (it contains THC) and consuming CBD is important. That said, keeping your mouth healthy will also make your body healthier. 

Understanding the Difference between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture 

Sometimes people are confused about CBD coming in oil form and tincture form. If you are new to CBD, you should know that both forms of CBD are kind of the same but still different. Sometimes, people refer to both forms indifferently – when they say CBD tincture and CBD oil, they mean the same product. 

So, personally, it can be confusing if someone needs to buy one or the other. That said, you might want to remember that CBD tincture comprises just the CBD mixed with alcohol – similar to the alcohol one can buy at the liquor store. 

However, the CBD oil that you get is usually CBD infused with oil – mostly coconut oil. The underlying reason for this is that coconut oil usually tastes and smells good, and with the CBD being in the oil, it helps with the absorption of the CBD oil in the body

This way, the absorption of the CBD into your bloodstream occurs quicker through the oil rather than the tincture itself. Usually, people consume CBD oil by placing a few drops underneath their tongues. Since oils contain triglycerides, they help absorb CBD in the body. 

If you hold the CBD in your mouth for a few seconds, it will get directly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing you to feel its effect sooner than CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies and CBD brownies. 

The primary reason for people to prefer CBD tincture over CBD oil is that they might not like oil, or they might not like the idea of swallowing oil and placing oil in their mouth. So, now you know the difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture – the difference might not be that much, but there is still a difference that you should know about at the time of purchasing CBD.  

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