Top 5 Bowlers In The History Of One Day Internationals


Cricket is a game involving sophistication and technique. Cricket requires stamina to stick to the field for hours. The nature of the game changes according to its type – test matches, One Day Internationals (ODI) and T20. Among these three major types of games, One Day Internationals have a rich history and an equally astonishing collection of records. The superb performances of cricket teams make the cricket match highlights of matches trendy among cricket lovers.

In One Day Internationals, both the teams get 50 overs to bowl within a day. Cricket is a match that entertains the world through a world-class exhibition of the games. The contribution of the bowlers is as much as that of the batsmen to popularise One Day internationals as a favourite form of cricket. Many such bowlers have kept the world stunned with their magnificent performances. Here is an attempt to list the top 5 bowlers of the One Day Internationals. 

  1. Joel Garner

 Joel Garner of the West Indies is undoubtedly the champion of the champions. He was the master of fast bowling who stormed the cricket matches with grit that no one could surpass. The greatest advantage of Garner was his unparalleled height. A bowler of 6’8” appeared formidable to his opponents. The speeding ball appeared to drop from the clouds, creating havoc among the most seasoned batsmen. His bowling average of less than 19, along with 146 wickets in One Day internationals, is a powerful statement for a fast bowler in the history of One Day internationals. Garner, like Marshall and Holding, increased his cricket rating in 1985. Garner’s pace during the game changed with his moods. 

  1. Sir Richard Hadlee

Second among the great bowlers of the One Day internationals comes the name of Sir Richard Hadlee. He was one of the best cricketers that the soil of New Zealand ever produced. He stood as a firm crusader for his team for two decades till 1990 and is given the sole credit for giving maximum support to his team during that period. Hadlee was a master craftsman who perfected his art of bowling with accuracy and precision. He could terrorise the cricket front with his skill mixed with prudence and smartness. His cunning deliveries, laced with bullish confidence, made him the unchallenged leader of the game. Hadlee holds the rare credit of being the first bowler to take 400 test wickets in the history of cricket. Hadlee’s precision paved the way for his spectacular success in the limited-over bowling format of the One Day internationals. His colossal rating of 923 by June 1983 was enough to create history. 

  1. Shaun Pollock

Shaun Pollock, the great South African bowler, inherited his cricket instincts from his family background. It was not very difficult for pollock to make a mark in international cricket, being brought up in a cricketing environment since his childhood. Pollock was a sleek and dedicated fast bowler from the beginning of his career. However, with maturity and experience, he became a methodical seamer. He perfected his art by maintaining incredible line and length in his deliveries, a quality that made him one of the finest bowlers ever produced in the history of cricket. When he stepped into the arena of the one-day internationals, he became a feared opponent armed with the weapon to rip apart any line of defence. He could curb the scores of his rival team with his measured deliveries. Shaun pollock’s rating became sky-high in 2007 before he quit the game in 2008. 

  1. Muttiah Muralitharan

Despite being one of the most controversial cricketers of his time, the Sri Lankan spin bowler,  Muttiah Muralitharan remains a stalwart of One Day internationals. He achieved the honour of a legendary spinner in the history of international cricket. He is an expert in the art of spin bowling. He can very easily bring striking outcomes from very simple inputs. Muralitharan’s success is not only restricted in the cricket pitches of Asia. He is capable of delivering the best balls even in the most challenging pitches all around the world. Over the years, Muralitharan has achieved more milestones after delivering balls in the cricket pitches totally unfit for spin bowling. He successfully slaughtered batsmen from various countries across the globe including Australia, England, India as well as Sri Lanka. Muralitharan holds the prestigious honour of keeping his position as the ICC No. 1 intact at a stretch for 1,711 days. He  created the magical record in the history of spin-bowling by taking 1,334 wickets in his brilliant playing career. This record is quite difficult to be broken by anyone in the near future.  He was a rare bowler to keep a balance between his spin and flight, striking awe in the hearts of the batsmen. 

  1. Glenn McGrath

Australian cricket fields produced the metronomic legendary fast bowler, Glenn McGrath. His ruthless precision and accurate delivery made him a master of the game. His form and dedication never declined throughout a brilliant career of 15 years. He showcased the special ability to add subtle movements to his deliveries, confusing the rival batsman at the last moment. This uncanny ability of McGrath earned him dependability for the Australian team. McGrath’s consistent performance always kept his name ahead of the other Australian cricketers of his time. His One Day International rating reached the highest position in 2002. His extraordinary feat during the final years of his career, in the 2007 World Cup kept the world astonished. He took 26 wickets to snatch the title of the Man of the Series. 

Many bowlers have reached the highest peaks through their One Day International performances. The ICC has given the highest rating to these brilliant bowlers who proved their strength by giving out the best. Among these bowlers, some are fast bowlers, while others are spinners. Irrespective of the form of bowling they adopted, their dedication to the game remained unchallenged. 

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